More about us

Tim is from Bradford originally, coming to Hull University to do an electronic engineering degree in 1986. Somehow once you get here there's no escaping! Tim spends a lot of time playing keyboard, and recently bass guitar, at church, and doing other technical things including website design and videoing and things. He is occasionally to be seen designing lighting for big concerts and runs a business with two other partners designing electronic devices for people:

Favourite breakfast cereal: All bran

Bev was born in Aberdeen but spent her later childhood in Norwich. After a time working for BBC World Service in London, she came to Humberside University in 1995 to do a degree in tourism. Then she met Tim at church and her planned career in tourism did not happen! We got married at St Johns in 1998. She is now a full time mum and runs various toddler activities at church. She is also a chair of governors at Parkstone Primary School.

Favourite breakfast cereal: Special K Oats and Honey.

Philippa was born in 2001. Recently she has joined Sirens Drama Company and performed in a few plays one of which was in Hull Truck Theatre. She enjoys playing the piano and the violin. She climbs up almost anything - trees, ladders and even door frames.

Favourite breakfast cereal: Honey nut cornflakes

Natalie was born in 2003. She is currently in secondary school and is still in Training String Orchestra playing the violin and plays the piano but doesn't do it in any orchestra. Natalie loves reading and can get through any book in a day or two.


Favourite breakfast cereal: Choco curls

Archie is a rather excitable cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle cross) who joined our family in 2012.