Yorkshire puddings

My granny (pictured right in fancy dress, she didn't normally wear flowery hats) was the undisputed champion of Yorkshire Pudding makers, at least hers were always luvverly! I spent some time learning how to do it from the master and here it is for your delight...
  • Mix 125g of plain flour, 2 eggs, a bit of salt and a bit of milk into a sort of paste. I use a fork to start with then a blender thingy. Granny used to use a wooden spoon and a pan with a broken handle but I don't think that was important.
  • Keep mixing it and pour in milk until it's the consistency of single cream.
  • Stick it in the fridge for an hour. (If you haven't got an hour to spare you can use it straight away but it works a bit better if you let it stand). When you get it out, it might have gone quite thick, if so stick a bit of extra milk or water in to get it back to the previous consistency. 
  • Half an hour before required yorkshire pudding time, put a bit of oil in the bottom of your yorkshire pudding tins (round ones or loaf tins) and put them in the oven on maximum heat. If the oven has a non-fan setting, that works better.
  • After about 10 mins, pour the batter into the tins as quick as you can so they don't cool down. The oil should be smoking and should fizz when you put the batter in. If not, it isn't hot enough and they won't rise. I always fill the house with smoke which is probably unnecessary but adds to the excitement, especially when all the smoke alarms start going off.
  • Cook at max oven heat for about 15-20mins until they are just going crispy. Eat straight away!