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smlgen.jpg (4662 bytes) Philippa's page. (Relatively) up to date photos of what Philippa's been up to (and Tim and Bev too!)
Natalie's page. Pictures of Natalie from birth onwards
smlgen.jpg (4662 bytes) Philippa's Baby Photos. When Philippa was really really tiny.
smlgen.jpg (4662 bytes) Classics in the Park. Tim has some more fun with a big lighting rig, and a big outdoor stage, at the Classics in the Park 2003 event.
smlgen.jpg (4662 bytes) August 97 and 98 - The Greenbelt Generator story. How we came to get engaged while filling generators with diesel.
smllol.jpg (2510 bytes) July 1999 - The Label of Love event. A Christian event fills Hull City Hall and Tim has some fun with a big lighting rig
smljers.jpg (3552 bytes) July 1999 - Holiday to Jersey. The big outing for 1999.
smllego.jpg (5282 bytes) May 2000 - Legoland! Well, we've always wanted to go there but couldn't think of an excuse.
smlcar.jpg (4400 bytes) July 2000 - Bridlington Sandcastle Competition. Five go mad on a beach with buckets, spades and green food colouring.
smljust.jpg (3035 bytes) August 2000 - Holiday to Cornwall. St Just-in-Roseland and other places.
snow3sml.jpg (3359 bytes) Christmas 2000 - Fun in the snow!